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Active Advising


Through its Active Advising services, ConsiliAgra provides its clients with timely, actionable opportunities delivered with immediacy and aimed at taking advantage of momentary speculative opportunities or enhancing risk management.

In Risk Management

As we discover shifting market conditions that present the possibility of enhanced risk exposure, we contact clients whose risk management plans might be affected, often allowing them to guard against risk before the overall market knows its there.

In Prop Trading

In the world agricultural markets, information travels at a breakneck pace and the ever-growing chorus of voices becomes harder and harder to filter.  Immediate opportunities rising out of momentary chaos can be lucrative, if you can find them.  ConsiliAgra is positioned to spot these opportunities and disseminate relevant, actionable information to those able to execute with the immediacy that is necessary to capitalize on them.  These situations don’t occur often; but they don’t have to.

In Private Wealth Management

Private wealth managers look to ConsiliAgra for help in managing their risk and spotting opportunities, as well as providing the types of insights typically available only to an elite class of the well-connected.  The firm provides these services based upon the commodities focus of the wealth management practice.  Whether the wealth manager has an equities concentration and is using commodities as a diversification tool, or the practice is set up as a CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor) or a CPO (Commodity Pool Operator), ConsiliAgra will provide immediate, relevant insights, information and opportunities.