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Coordinated Risk Management


The commodities world has changed more in the past decade than ever before. A few of the larger change agents:

  • Globalized, decentralized markets have shifted pricing influence
  • Engagement of foreign currencies, which has added currency valuation elements
  • Proliferation of biofuels changing the balance of commodity use, supply and demand
  • Addition of huge new long-interest investors

To varying degrees, each of these change agents alters the complexity and underscores the importance of risk management; but all of them considered together represent the frequent possibility of a “perfect storm” of risk exposure.

We use our industry contacts, public policy, money-flow and our supply and demand knowledge to control the effects of these and other change agents.  It s our goal to pull these resources together, capitalizing upon, rather than being victimized by the prevalent confusion and noise.  We call this service “Coordinated Risk Management”.