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“Right People” Introductions

Types of Introductions

For Large Agricultural Clients:

ConsiliAgra creates customized hedging and procurement strategies for large users of agricultural products presenting special situations (for example, clients having a large need of a common commodity, a large or new need of specialty agricultural products, or those hedging in low-liquidity markets).

For Hedge Fund Clients:

ConsiliAgra assists hedge fund clients seeking to procure or invest in actual physical investments, such as land. In this capacity, the firm acts as guide, finding the data, contacts and often the actual land or physical investment.

For Private Wealth Management Clients:

ConsiliAgra often assists private wealth managers seeking to expand opportunities by expanding the types of investments they use. In these situations, ConsiliAgra helps wealth management clients to explore derivative investments that will fit into their investment portfolios because they act similarly to the underlying futures or options these managers are familiar with using.

For Investment Arms of Larger Banking Clients:

ConsiliAgra facilitates introductions and creates strategies assisting large banks seeking to increase their business presence in, and financing lines to farmers in countries with emerging and desirable agricultural economies.

For Boutique or Geographically-Isolated Businesses:

ConsiliAgra brings its strategy and contact development capabilities to bear on behalf of hard-to-reach businesses wishing to globalize their reach, procure ingredients, or export them to new markets.